Il programma FUN fitness prevede un corso di formazione a MURAU (AUSTRIA), dal 4 al 8 dicembre 2003, per poter lavorare con Special Olympics Italia e per coordinare questo evento allo Special Olympics Games in Italia.

Il candidato/coordinatore ideale è un fisioterapista con capacità manageriali ed organizzative che ha lavorato con persone con disabilità intellettuali e di sviluppo, o che ha lavorato nell'area dello sport. Conoscenza della lingua inglese.

Inviare entro il 15 ottobre 2003 il CV a :

Cosimo BRUNO
Resp. Ufficio Esteri A.I.FI.
E-mail: e p.c.
GSM: 339 4418689 ( 14.30 / 15.30 )

Informazioni su FUNfitness:

In the late 1990's, Special Olympics recognized the need to address some of the health care needs of their members that were not being addressed by the larger health care community. They had an extensive review of the literature, and appreciated that there was significant disparity in health care for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities around the globe. In order to begin not only addressing this need, but also advocating for change and educating healthcare professionals and the public about the need, Special Olympics, Inc. initiated a program called The Healthy Athlete.

Special Olympics Healthy Athletes is a program designed to help Special Olympics athletes improve their health and fitness. This leads to an enhanced sports experience and improved well being. Athletes receive a variety of health services through clinics conducted in welcoming environments at Special Olympics competitions, while health care professionals learn about the health needs of Special Olympics athletes and gain confidence and satisfaction in volunteering their skills to an underserved population. Health data gathered at events are important for planning, programs, gaining support, and improving policies.

The key objectives of Special Olympics Healthy Athletes are:

– Improve access and health care for Special Olympics athletes at event-based health screenings
– Make referrals to local health practitioners when appropriate
– Train health care professionals and students in the health professions about the needs and care of people with mental retardation
– Collect, analyze and disseminate data on the health status and needs of people with mental retardation
– Advocate for improved health policies and programs for person with mental retardation

The Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Initiative currently includes these disciplines:

– FUNfitness
– Health Promotion
– Healthy Hearing
– Opening Eyes
– Special Smiles
– Fit Feet

FUNfitness is a fitness screening event designed to be conducted by physiotherapists, assistants, and students.
It was developed by American Physical Therapy Association in 2000.
Special Olympics, Inc. sponsors 3 Train the Trainer sessions each year for the Healthy Athlete programs- one in the North American region, and 2 in other regions of the globe. We invite 15-20 physiotherapists from various countries to attend each session, so they can learn about FUNfitness and take it back to their country.

We are planning a Training session for December 4-8, 2003 in Murau, Austria. The Special Olympics Organization in the country of Italy has requested that a physiotherapist from their country be invited to this session to receive training in the FUNfitness screening, so that they can work with SO Italy to coordinate this event at Special Olympics Games in Italy.

I request your input and assistance with the identification of a physiotherapist who might attend this training session. The ideal coordinator is a PT with managerial and organizational skills who has either worked with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or who has worked in the area of sports. As we are trying to coordinate invitations, and travel plans, I request a response as quickly as possible.

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