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Putzolu Martina

Ruolo: RTD-A
Sede lavorativa: Università di Genova - Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale
Indirizzo: Viale Benedetto XV, 3 Genova
Area d'interesse: Neurology and neuroscience
Keywords: assisitive technology; tele-health and virtual reality
biomechanics and movement disorders (motion analysis)
experimental studies (RCT)
gait and balance
observational studies
patient involvement
quality of life
biosketch: My training and research activity are primarily in the field of neurophysiology of movement and in neurophysiopathology of Parkinson's disease for neurorehabilitation translational purposes. The primary focus of my research has been studying usual and complex gait via innovative methods in order to lay the basis for new rehabilitative approaches aimed at improving motor performance and enhancing motor learning in patients with Parkinson’s disease. To achieve these aims, I am using two innovative methods (motor imagery and action observation) and three main tools: a neuromodulation technique (i.e., transcranial direct current stimulation) and two neuroimaging methods (functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography). Moreover, I’m focused in studying new rehabilitation strategies for patients with Parkinson’s disease and freezing of gait. My experience as researcher has been greatly grown up also thanks to International training periods. Indeed, during my Phd studies, I had the opportunity to take part to two international experiences (visiting international scholar) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. I am actually a researcher (RTD-A) at the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Genoa, where I teach Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology to students of Physiotherapy Degree.
ResearcherID (WOS): ABE-3842-2021
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